Let me water you.

Let creative writing heal you, give you resolve, relate to you, have a drink with you, or give you a zen like spiritual experience.  Get cozy, because for one moment I want you to actually take some time away from all the technology and the poor attention span this fast paced world is exacerbating.The world moves so fast and we’re always in a hurry.  If you’re using mobile, you’ll have to scroll to the bottom of the page to access the archives.  It’s designed to easily navigate. Bookmark this page as your go to when you’re drinking coffee in a dark cafe and need something different to digest with it.

I discovered at a young age creative expression through art and writing is therapeutic. It helps us cope, heal, and move on.  You will notice each post in this poetry blog addresses issues of love, darkness, depression, anxiety, life situations, difficult times, overcoming emotional difficulties and allowing these things to water your spirit will allow you to blossom from it all.  It all ties together. There’s no light without the dark and vice versa.  I’ve basked in them all. So those of you seeking zen, welcome. Poets and writers, welcome. And everyone else in between, welcome.

Fill your cup of sigh with something warm and tasty and dig in those delicious archives.  You ready?


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For you herbal tea enthusiast: Some posts sneak in suggestions of my favorites I have come across along the way as a small ode to all things naturally relaxing, healing, and tasty; Because herbal tea heals too.  Find Cupofsigh on Pinterest for specific healing teas on those stressful days.  It also includes beautiful poetry and quotes for daily living.

Coffee lovers I didn’t forget you.  Check out the Coffee and Poetry Archives for the coffee shop experience online.


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